The Bridge At Greenacres

The Bridge Bingo Terms and Conditions


 BINGO (23 June 2018) – T’s and C’s

    1. Entry will be on the day (Saturday, 23 June 2018) at the event venue (Shop B33a that is situated next to JAM Clothing).
    2. The Bingo games will start at 10 am on this day.
    3. Entry will be on a first come first served basis.
    4. Limited space for players will be available.
    5. Anybody over the age of 18years may enter and participate.
    6. Entry will be to play all the Bingo games presented on this day if they wish to.  Participants may however also leave early and not play all the games presented, however in this case they need to understand that once they leave the Bingo area they might possibly lose their spot as other participants will be accommodated if/when a playing participant decides not to continue playing.  As there is only limited space available, available space cannot be guaranteed to participants who have left the area and want to return to play later games.
    7. Participants are permitted to win more than one of the rounds as they are permitted to participate in all the rounds if they so wish.
    8. Participants will receive only one card per game/round.  After each round, the cards will be collected and new cards for the new game will be handed out to the seated participants.  This will happen between all games/rounds.
    9. No children under the age of 18years may participate in the Bingo games.  Participants/winners will be requested to produce their ID documents as proof of identity and to confirm their age.
    10. Only players will be permitted to be in the “ Bingo Play Area”.  A kiddies activity area will, however, be set up in the play venue for parents with small children.  However, the supervision of these small children will still be the responsibility of the parents.  The Bridge Centre Management, its contractors, organisers, co-sponsors and promoters are under no circumstances to be expected to supervise small children or be held liable for them in any way whatsoever.  Bingo tables will be set up in the vicinity of the kiddies activity area for the convenience of parents who would like to participate in the Bingo games on the day.
    11. A total of 5 Bingo games will be played, with a total prize value of R600 per game (1st prize R300, 2nd prize R200, 3rd prize R100).
    12. All the top 3 winners of the rounds played on the day will be able to play against each other in a bonus round.  There will be one winner only for the bonus round and will win R1000 in cash.
    13. Owners, managing agents, contractors of The Bridge, co-sponsors of the event and their immediate families may not participate.
    14. If any winner is found to be in breach of the competition Terms and Conditions The Bridge reserves the right to claim the prize back from the winner.
    15. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
    16. Participants agree to have photograph and name details used in promotional material.
    17. The Bridge reserves the right to disqualify or prevent the participation of any person that is deemed to be; playing unfairly and/or interfering with the organisers and the enjoyment of the other participants.
    18. We would like everyone to join in the fun. So, once you have completed your round you may be asked to leave the playing area to allow others to participate, if necessary.  In this case, you may, however, join the queue to play again in the next round.
    19. By participating you are acknowledging and agreeing to the above terms and conditions.