Game Mall Promotion Area

Location: Game Mall, below escalator in front of Game

Size: 7,3m x 3,7m

m2: 27m2

Surrounding Stores: Game, Tekkie Town, Incredible Connection, Sheet Street

Price Options: Daily R1200 excl VAT or Weekly R8000 excl VAT


Food Court Promotion Area

Location: Bridge level, up escalators

Size: 3,5m x 4,0m

m2: 14m2

Surrounding Stores: Debonairs, Steers, Fishaways, KFC

Price Options: Daily R700 excl VAT or Weekly R4500 excl VAT


Fashion Mall Promotion Area

Location: Fashion Mall, infront of Mr Price

Size: 4m x 2m

m2: 8m2

Surrounding Stores: Mr Price Apparel, Mr Price Home, Streetfever

Price Options: Daily R700 excluding VAT or weekly R4500 excluding VAT


Bridge Mall Promotion Area

Location: Bridge level, old Ster-Kinekor area

Size: 7m x 8m

m2: 56m2

Surrounding Stores: Galaxy Grill, Snow-B Gift Shop, Hair Power, Inuka, KFC

Price Options: Daily R1000 excl VAT or Weekly R6600 excl VAT


Weekly Promotion Court Activities

Game Mall Promotion Area
Food Court Promotion Area
Fashion Mall Promotion Area
Bridge Mall Promotion Area

(25 January 2019)