Promotional Court Hire

Game Mall Promotion Area

Location: Game Mall, below escalator in front of Game

Size: 7,3m x 3,7m

m2: 27m2

Surrounding Stores: Game, Tekkie Town, Incredible Connection, Sheet Street

Price Options: Daily R1200 excl VAT or Weekly R8000 excl VAT


Food Court Promotion Area

Location: Bridge level, up escalators

Size: 3,5m x 4,0m

m2: 14m2

Surrounding Stores: Debonairs, Steers, Fishaways, KFC

Price Options: Daily R700 excl VAT or Weekly R4500 excl VAT


Fashion Mall Promotion Area

Location: Fashion Mall, infront of Mr Price

Size: 4m x 2m

m2: 8m2

Surrounding Stores: Mr Price Apparel, Mr Price Home, Streetfever

Price Options: Daily R700 excluding VAT or weekly R4500 excluding VAT


Bridge Mall Promotion Area

Location: Bridge level, old Ster-Kinekor area

Size: 7m x 8m

m2: 56m2

Surrounding Stores: Galaxy Grill, Snow-B Gift Shop, Hair Power, Inuka, KFC

Price Options: Daily R1000 excl VAT or Weekly R6600 excl VAT


Weekly Promotion Court Activities

*Watch this space for the next promotion